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Praying Mantis Kids T-shirt

Here it is – we’re proud to unveil our new praying mantis t-shirt!  The praying mantis is one of our favorite insects just because of how strange it appears.  We wanted to create a shirt to appeal to bug fans and also experiment with some “breakthrough” effects similar to the kind that are often seen in murals.  We’re excited at the 3D illusion effect we managed to achieve by using techniques to seamlessly blend the graphic into the shirt.  The mockup and graphic are shown below and we should have some photos of the real shirts to show soon!

Praying Mantis T-Shirt

Praying Mantis T-Shirt Digital Mockup

Praying Mantis T-Shirt

Praying Mantis T-Shirt Art


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New Kid on the Block

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new blog for Wonderscope Visuals.  We are a new company dedicated to creating exciting illustrated products for kids.  At this time, we are mostly concentrating on kids illustrated t-shirts although we plan to diversify soon.  We feel like our t-shirts stand out from the rest for a few reasons and hope you will agree.

Rather than designing shirts with a cute slogan or an isolated character, each of our illustrations is an immersive scene that we hope will spark kids’ imaginations.  We want each of our t-shirts to be a wearable work of art – a visual window into an imaginary world.  We also take pride in developing each of our original designs.  None of our illustrations is based on any popular licensed property from movies, cartoons or games, but are instead based on traditional children’s themes.

We look forward to beginning our journey in the vibrant industry of children’s products, apparel and room decor and hope you will follow us along for the ride and let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Mad Scientist T-Shirt

Mad Scientist T-Shirt Digital Mockup

Mad Scientist T-Shirt

Mad Scientist T-Shirt Art